Threads by Dreads

Threads by Dreads

Christiana Afotey, was born in New Jersey and rooted in a Ghanaian household, with two older brothers and one older sister. She was always learning and experiencing something new from the rich West African culture. At a young age, she found herself to be curious enough to learn how to speak one of the native languages (Ga), along with Ghana’s history and tradition. On a recent visit to Ghana, Christiana was able to fall more in love with her homeland country. Each visit was an opportunity for her to educate herself about her ancestors, different cultures, and the way of life in Ghana.

With all this diversity and experience within Christiana, she couldn’t resist sharing a piece of the ‘Motherland’ with friends and family, from near and far. With each item that Threads by Dreads produces, represents a piece of culture, not just from Ghana, but a representation of what is sacred to her people of Ghana.

Christiana was inspired by ambition to see more modern and casual African wear in her own closet. She states that, “I wouldn’t be creating something I wouldn’t wear myself.” Although she adores and respects the fashion creativity of designers worldwide, she chooses to put her own twist on things within the industry. The time she spent in Ghana also plays a huge role in her inspiration to start TBD. Her adoration of seeing fellow Ghanaians in eye-catching and unique clothing working in corporate offices, hospitals, musical performances…just about anywhere! So with that, the first needle was threaded at Threads by Dreads. And with that Christiana plans to add something unique to the world of fashion.

Threads by Dreads


xo Asante

Serwah Asante

Serwah Asante is the Creative Director/ Founder of xo ASANTE. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a BA in Sociology, Serwah continued her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY. In 2011, Serwah launched Rue 114 (later changed to xo ASANTE) as a platform upon which to celebrate beauty and style at all sizes. Inspiration for the xo ASANTE brand is deeply informed by the designer’s Ghanaian roots, New York City upbringing, and eternal love of travel. Each collection is born of the global perspective and responds to the call of what today’s woman; whether in Laos, Lagos, or Los Angeles; needs to be edgy, unique, powerful, and always feminine. Serwah also serves as Director of Strategic Partnerships for the International Coalition for African Fashion (I-CAF), where she coordinates partner relations with governments, organizations, and individuals to build a strong community to promote and sustain the global industry of African Fashion.