Sergio Monteiro

Sergio Monteiro

Sergio F. Monteiro grew up in Washington, DC and Hong Kong. The oldest of three siblings, he went to the University of New Brunswick in Canada.

Growing up in DC, it was hard not being influenced by the history embedded in American literature. The Cabo Verde Embassy in DC was his only reminder that he was from a different culture than the one he was growing up in.

Reading the works of Richard Wright, Chinua Achebe, Alex Haley, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jose Saramango inspired him to one day try and produce works of literary fiction that could encapsulate the history of a place as well as its present day problems and achievements.



“I love writing so I wanted to write stories that lovers of mystery novels and political thrillers would dive into and learn something in the process.”

Other American Dreams, his first novel, combines history, social discourse and a story he hopes will draw readers inward and leave them with a sense of not only what daily life is like on the Cabo Verde Islands, but also the idea that as humans on this Earth, we can only ever be the sum of our experiences.

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