“To Whom Much Is Given, much will be required.” (Luke 12:48)

We Global Arts Festival, LLC and its partners believe we should make a positive impact on our communities.  Many of the artists and organizations associated with We Global Arts Festival, LLC, volunteer and make contributions to many educational, cultural, and civic organizations.  Giving Back is key to showing and exemplifying our mantra of universal and global love.

Play & Learn Foundation

Play and Learn Foundation is Ghanaian based NGO that provides youth leadership and empowerment through community development projects. This is achieved through engaging local and international communities to aid youth empowerment, poverty reduction and community projects. This requires administering leadership and development through education and sports in a fun environment. Learn more at http://www.playandlearnfoundation.org/


The Threads by Dreads Foundation

The Threads by Dreads Foundation was established in April 2016 (Board of Directors include: Christiana ‘Nana’ Afotey, Dr. Grace Lartey and Phoebe Ablakwa-Allen). The mission of the organization is to empower exemplary scholars into pioneering leaders of tomorrow. Currently, the foundation is offering scholarships to high school scholars in Ghana. Each scholarship goes towards the winning candidate’s tuition costs for any University in Ghana.

The scholarship was established in memory of Christiana ‘Nana’ Afotey’s mother, Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah. This award will carry on part of her nurturing legacy, aide in community re-investment by giving local scholars an opportunity to further their education and contribute to building a brighter future for young adults in Ghana.

Ten qualified candidates will be awarded with the Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship award. Each award has a value of $250 US Dollars and will be awarded to the winning candidates March 2017.

For any questions, please email us at info@ThreadsaByDreads.com


AIM 2 IMPACT is a non-for-profit collective (based in Toronto, Ontario) dedicated to expanding the artistic landscape in Ontario and Canada. We have brought together a highly respected and skilled group of business, marketing and media professionals, community leaders and nonprofit specialists working together with an array of young talent to make a difference in our communities.

Social Media Link: http://aim2impact.com

Okyeame Kwame Foundation

Okyeame Kwame’s Campaign to eliminate Hepatitis B


The project, Okyeame Kwame fights Hepatitis, has been running for the past 7 years. It has provided free education and sensitization on Hepatitis B, and has freely screened and vaccinated over 6000 people across the country. Screening has been by the medical personnel from MDS Lancet Laboratories and vaccination by qualified medical personnel.

MDS Lancet Laboratories is a service provider and participant in the project. They are the leading providers of private medical laboratory services in Ghana. They provide high quality routine and specialised medical laboratory services in both the public and private health environment. With highly qualified medical personnel, they strive for quality testing and excellent services in order to bring reliable laboratory medicine to the medical fraternity and the people of Ghana. The lab has the highest ISO accreditation for a lab in the country.

After the first two exercises, the idea and the necessity to support the vaccination of diagnosed Hepatitis patients was discovered. This is because it was identified by the Okyeame Kwame Foundation that, either most of the diagnosed persons are not able to afford the vaccines prescribed to them by the volunteer doctors working on the project or they don’t have the time to go and get vaccinated. The reason was that the vaccines are very expensive for the average Ghanaian to afford and also once they test negative they believe they can move on without vaccinating.

This project is also sanctioned and supported by the Ministry of Health which has seen the good works of the initiative and has pledged to provide support and guidance for the initiative as a core base in the effort of the ministry in tackling Hepatitis in Ghana.

This year’s (2016) World Hepatitis Day, will be marked with a free Hepatitis B screening and vaccination which is scheduled to take place in Ho, the Volta Regional Capital on July 28, 2016, where we hope to screen and vaccinate about 500 people. With the support of the Regional Health Directorate, the Regional Hospital and Kekeli Radio as a media partner, we intend to educate the residents of the Volta Region on the Hepatitis B virus, prevention methods and the need to get vaccinated, and treatment available for persons who test positive.