Baby Tcheck


Baby Tcheck:  Of his true name Cheikh Niang was born February 5, 1988 in Dakar, Senegal. Tcheck means “Technical,Classical,Hardcore,Emotional, Cold N Key.  He is the brother of Pisko the Don.  He is very talented and in 2006 was discovered doing concerts, freestyles and features with the artist Zeum Zepek.  Zeum Zepek and Baby Tcheck created the group “Cold Blooded ” in 2011.  Zeum Zepek moved to Paris, France to continue to create music and write songs. Although they are in two different countries; each of the two members keep the same state of mind of writing songs and making music collectively and as solo artists.
With an original style; Baby Tcheck is versatile in his singing, writing in rapping both in Wolof, his maternal language; as well as in French and English.

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