His true name is Meissa Niang, is born the November 23, 1985 in Dakar, Senegal.  He is the brother of Pisko the Don and got involved with music in 2011. His genre of choice in music is RAP. Residing in Senegal, American Hip-Hop inspired him a lot, to the picture of the big classics like Jay Z and many others…  

He is named General Meize, as to express the size of his ideas and the person.  General Meize is Melomaniac and love good Symphonies.  His first official title: “Toast to G-Meize” preceded with “Love’s back”, which features Baby Tcheck, gave him lots of respect and recognition in the Senegalese’s music scene.  G-Meize presence was not only felt in the music but also in videos and television interviews. 

Having an authentic style, G-Meize broke many borders. His masterly flow will impress a beautiful world, notably in the sound “Street legend (remix)” to which he appeared in August 2013 in “Beyond the Music: The mixtape” that which was a hit song.

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