United States

A product of Hip Hop’s own back yard, the Boogie Down Bronx, it would be fair to say that Raine strives to represent the true essence of this culture. Named by emcees she met while attending college in Philly, Raine stands for “Real And Intelligent, Nobody’s Equal”. Rapping since she was 12 years old, Raine was often the only girl and began using battle rap as a way of proving herself as an emcee. A few of her influences are none other than Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Lauren Hill, Lil’ Kim and Queen Latifah.

As creator and host of Battle Talk Radio, Raine provides a weekly platform for battle rap and music to come together regardless of league or crew, mainstream or underground. In addition to the show, Raine is currently pushing forth her brand, BossChick University, with which she hopes to spread the movement of female empowerment. Raine’s ultimate goal is to become a Female Mogul such as Diddy or Jay-Z. Recently, Raine launched BossChick Battle League and the BossChick Cyphers, two additional avenues to give the female mc a boost. But fear not young men of hip hop and beyond, Raine have started the BossLife Brand, the brother company, in her empire. Look out for Raine’s first body of work and gift to the world, appropriately titled, BOSSCHICK, the album and movie.